Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Blue & Deep Purple Look

This is a funky makeup style that I did inspired by a contest I am doing on my youtube channel. If you have not subscribe to me, please do at and join the contests by 27 June 2010.

Enjoy the following video...

You can use the same technique and experience with different colours combination for this look, for example:
blue + green
pink + purple
peach + orange
silver + black
and.... many many more!

Have fun! Ciao bella!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Time for PARTY!

I love the combination of blue and green, it reminds me of the beautiful ocean. That is exactly what inspired me to do this look... for party!

And... who says you can't look beautiful and sexy at parties without fake eyelashes and thick mascara?

Ciao bella!

Romantic Dinner Look

Purple is a romantic colour and if you decided to use it for your dinner dates, I'd say you have made a brilliant decision! I used fast forward for this video because the application techniques are almost the same as what I did in my many previous videos... so this is just to show you how I did the purple romantic look for dinner. Enjoy!

And.... who says it is hard to decide what kind of makeup for dinner dates? I've got it settled for you.

Ciao bella!


Sunday, February 28, 2010

My TGIF Dinner Look

TGIF!!! I was heading out for dinner and I did this look... super easy and you can make use of your creativity and try re-creating this look using other colours. After all, this is to celebrate the start of your wonderful weekend... ENJOY!

What's your favourite colours or make up style for weekends? Whatever it is, stay gorgeous and have fun!

ciao bella,

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Halloween Look 2009

Halloween is the time for everyone to get dressed up, you can either go for horridly scary look or sexy vampy look... here are some ideas for you...


Whichever that you choose, make sure you have fun during halloween... 
Ciao bella! -B-

SIGMA make up contests in 2009

I had fun joining in for SIGMA make up contests. I wish they will organize more contests after this... here are my work for the two contests that I have entered in 2009.

This is a contest with a theme of "DOLLED UP"... so I made this really cute hawaiian doll look. I really had a fantastic time making this look. 

This is my contest video posted on youtube:-

This is another contest that I entered, the theme was on "fancy lashes" so I came out with this colourful rainbow look:-

So this is the video entry to the contest on youtube:-

I love these false eyelashes from Shu Uemura. I am definitely going to make different looks using this eyelashes... so stay tuned, ok?

Ciao bella! -B-

My Christmas 2009 Look

A friend on youtube requested me to do a Christmas look for 2009 and this is what I came out with...

 I love it... and the best thing is it is so simple, anyone can do it! Wanna know how?
Check out my youtube video tutorial on this look:-

Hope you enjoy my video tutorial. If you haven't subscribe, please go to and click on the beautiful yellow box to subscribe. Once you are a subscriber, you can rate and comment all my videos. See you there!!!

Ciao bella! -B-